Create your Power with Jo Gifford

Your work has purpose. You are here to inspire change, to shine a light, to leave your legacy (oh, and to have a party while you are at it).


I know you want to make an impact, but here is the thing; when the sales just aren't what they should be, your influence and authority are below where you know you deserve to be, it's time to look at your message. 

Your message is your movement. Your message is your magnet. When you are aligned with your message and you truly embody your work, you become unstoppable.

Being unstoppable means having that off-the-charts confidence that is tangible.

It's when the sales ping into your inbox day after day.

It's when the interview requests are flying in.

It's when you'll have to learn to say no to opportunities because there might be so many.

I want you to shine. #goals

I want you to have your mic drop moment (whether it's on stage at TedX, in your book, on your blog, or your Facebook Lives).

More than that, I want you to know that you're making a change in the world. 

When you step into your true message, when you establish your power, your brilliance, and your unique edge to lead from?

The world is a different place for you.  

So let's make that happen. Together.

My brilliance is to see your brilliance. To truly see YOU.

I use everything I know about creative thinking, content marketing, design, branding, messaging and the business landscape to pull your message out of your story. 

I work with you to help you see not only your own brilliance, but how to convey that to your people through your own unique lens. 

jo gifford

Together, we ignite your impact in a way that is so powerful, you will be amazed at the results. But don't just take my word for it.

Rachel knew that her message was about speaking to Soul Fed women, and she worked with me to make a tweak that has had a profound impact on her business. She sold more one-to-one spots after our sessions together, has recreated her copies to be aligned with her brand, and now owns and embodies her message in such a way that she has been flying and is now on fire.  

Nicola Humber already had a firm foundation, but the sales just weren't there. We worked together to unpack her message and to fuse what she truly does with the way that she speaks to her audience; that tiny tweak has had a profound effect on her confidence, the way she communicates, and on the rise of her business.  

Michelle is very well known and had been published, but knew there was an element of her message that was not quite aligning. We worked together and were able to articulate and put language to a concept that was forming in her head.  

These women are just like you. Their businesses are impactful. They have inspired change and they want to go bigger. 

I know that you do, too. Here's how we do it...

Create Your Power Package 

Over six weeks, we jam together with three calls one-to-one where I'll take you through my three step process.

First, we dig into your Personal Power Paradigm™.  

We then move on to your mic drop manifesto (the call to arms and movement maker that brings your movement and people to life).

We then create your content plan so that you have a wealth of talking points, content ideas, and a workplace to make it all happen in a way that is aligned with you.  

After all, your brilliance needs to work with you, not against you. 


In between sessions, you have access to me via email, and I am here to work with you as a reflection and a collaborative wing woman to create a message and a legacy that is unstoppable. 

This is where we create your power. 

This is where your message becomes your magnet. 

You are so much more than just a blueprint. 

You are so much more than a template. 

When we fuse your skills and your unique brilliance with the exact way that your clients need you to communicate, then we are on to a winning streak. 

You will walk away with a toolkit, and a document which outlines your personal brand and ow to communicate it across channels. You will leave with a super clear content plan of how to get your message out into the world with a work flow that works for you, and a HUGE dose of swagger and confidence knowing we have amped up your awesome and created your personal brand power magnet.

Investment to Create Your Power is $1800

Here is how we roll: You send me a message using the form below, and within 48 hours (or longer if on a weekend), my team will get back to you to see if we feel like a good fit. 

If we are, we jump on a quick call to get to know each other and for me to understand your business.  

Then, we book you in for your three calls, allowing space in between for that magical elimination process. I send along your paperwork and exploration sheets to get you started.  

You can pay in one go, in 2 payments of $900, or 3 payments of $600.

The document we send you as we wrap up your session will include all of our call recordings, your notes, and your plan mapped out beautifully for you to go forth and take over the world. 

It's your time to shine.

Ready to roll?

Let's do this! Drop me a note below, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Your info is safe with me—I'll never share your email. You can read my privacy policy right here

Hey, I'm Jo.

I help entrepreneurs create their power with content and ignite their brilliance.  

I fuse creative thinking with content creation to help you get seen as an authority in your own right (and in your own way).  

Put simply: I help awesome peeps show the world their awesome without #samesame blueprints and biz BS.

I am a podcaster, author, of the Brilliance Ignition Process, mum of twins, and rainbow haired hyper creative vegan. Send me dark chocolate and we will be bff's for life.