DIY Content Strat Pack

Are you ready to show the world your brilliance, corral your content, and actually make it work for you?(without spending thousands, losing your mind with overwhelm, or drowning in boring documents)

Heck yes! 

Are you ready to FINALLY get your messaging, content and brilliance on track to bring you in some serious client bookings? 

You don't need to spend thousands on an expert to create a plan for your content.

You don't need to spend hours and hours creating content that no-one needs, no-one sees, and that you just can't measure.  

You just need to plan your messaging, create a content strategy that works for you, and GET. IT. DONE.  

Hey, I'm Jo.  

In this DIY Content Strat Pack, I will be taking you through the steps to create your very own content strategy (without bombarding you with jargon, making you spend all your budget, and exploding your brain with Too. Much. Info)  

Through videos, worksheets, memes, gifs and office hours, we will be creating your strategy together in small chunks (yep, no way will the overwhelm and busy diary win this time!).

You will leave with:

A clear plan of you talking points, content and social media posts ('bye 'bye blank page procrastination)  

A roadmap that details what you are sharing, when, and where (and how you stand out)  

A document you can use to check in with and keep on track (no more lists and ideas in ALL OF THE PLACES making NONE OF THE IMPACT)  

Insights to measure the success of all your efforts (because ROI of time and effort matters, y'all!)  

The tools to use the framework again and again (Do it, learn it, repeat it, love it)  

A framework to help you outsource elements of the process when you are ready (Whether you are at grow time or let go time, this is for you).

Streamline the way you work, engage your peeps, measure success

(...and save your sanity).

I help entrepreneurs create and scale their with content to get seen as an authority in their own right (and in their own way).  

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